Corporate Wellness


Even though we are seemingly out of the 2008 recession (knock on wood), times are still very tough for businesses to a) make a profit and b) retain satisfied, productive employees. Couple this with the impact the Affordable Care Act is having on company healthcare costs. Then think about the unfortunate and steady rise of chronic disease in the U.S. Looks like the grass isn’t all that green over here for business owners.

Experiencing work-induced stress as a bulge bracket employee myself, as well as analyzing and witnessing the toll it has on employee vitality and firm performance can be mind blowing. Reversely, seeing how illness and subpar health statuses can impact one’s productivity, morale, and motivation at work is often overlooked. Luckily, there is a solution to both problems that has been gaining traction throughout the country over the past decade: Corporate Wellness.

Corporate Wellness can come in many shapes and sizes. Notably, Fortune 500 companies and other large corporations adopt initiatives in partnership with health insurance companies. They typically focus on free health screenings, reduced costs on one’s paycheck for improving their blood levels, counseling for smoking cessation, education on prescription medications, etc. In my opinion, any and all efforts are beneficial. But, while most of these programs produce a return on investment, their costs and implementation efforts can be exorbitant … plus, they’re not all that creative. That’s where I come in.

My philosophy is more of a grass roots approach (I know, enough with the grass references already). My offerings, listed below, allow me to work directly with your employees, providing them with tools to make changes in their lives right away. As a HR professional as well, it allows me to get a sense of company culture, which helps me to better tailor my approach for more effective results.


All offerings possess a natural and holistic approach:
  1. Lunch and Learns: Typically one hour and cover various pertinent health and wellness related topics. Topics can be customized to your organization’s needs. Some popular topics:
    1. Entry-Level Nutrition – basic information on nutrition, providing employees with a strong foundation to jump start themselves on a healthier path
    2. Change Management – learn easy tips on how to manage and maintain a change in diet and lifestyle when strapped for time and money
    3. Stress, at a Premium – natural, effective ways to recognize, address, and remedy stress through lifestyle habits and nutritional strategies
    4. Healthy Pipeline – offers easy to implement strategies, recipes, and tips for parents wanting to instill healthy eating and lifestyles at home for their children and families
    5. Managerial Promotion – for managers and supervisors. Individuals can motivate themselves to be healthier and more productive in various ways, but they are more inclined to respond to a manager who genuinely cares for their well-being. Gain insight and intuition on all factors that make your employees struggle, take interest in them, and be an advocate for change
  2. Wellness Workshops: With the option of 8 or 12 weeks, I work with a designated group of employees for approximately one hour per week in an interactive workshop. Each week, I explore different, unique, and innovative foundational health topics from which employees can apply what they learn immediately. Collaborative analytics are produced to assess strategy effectiveness and future plans
  3. Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi, and Qi Gong sessions with highly qualified instructors
  4. Cooking demonstrations with culinary students from the Natural Gourmet Institute
  5. Fitness boot camp classes with Personal Trainers
  6. Camaraderie-building activities and competitions, such as Mud Runs and Spartan Races


If you would like to see more supportive data, please check out some quotes from credible studies on significant ROIs below:

“Medical costs fall by $3.27 for every dollar spent on wellness programs, and absenteeism costs fall by about $2.73 for every dollar spent.”

Workplace Wellness Programs Can Generate Savings; Health Affairs, January 2010


“Well-targeted and efficiently implemented diet-related worksite health promotion interventions may improve labor productivity by 1-2% . . . On larger worksites, such production gains are likely and more than offset the costs of implementing such interventions.”

Can Worksite Nutritional Interventions Improve Productivity and Firm Profitability: A Literature Review; Perspectives in Public Health, July 2011


“We estimate disease management to reduce healthcare costs by $136 per member per month, driven by a 29% reduction in hospital admissions . . . Employers and policy makers should not take for granted that the lifestyle management component of such programs can reduce healthcare costs or even lead to net savings.”

Managing Manifest Diseases, But Not Health Risks, Saved PepsiCo Money Over Seven Years; Health Affairs, January 2014


Other studies:

Investing In Company Wellness Programs: Does It Make Financial Sense; Journal of Health Management, September 2013 

Recent Experience in Health Promotion at Johnson & Johnson: Lower Health Spending, Strong Return on Investment; Health Affairs, March 2011



If you are in the tri-state area and want to hear more about my offerings, have different requests for your businesses, or to schedule a meeting, please contact me here.